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Abi Shilon

Transformation Institute

Leadership Transformation


In the context of people and communities, Transfomation   is a change in the essence of who people ARE, and as a result of how we behave. We continuously transform, whether we are conscious of it or not. I totally transformed both during my 40's and during my 50's. This was a result of both life and professional crises.

Do we really need a crisis to transform ? Are we conscious of all the  slow transformations that we are undergoing ?

Think of who you ARE today vs. who you WERE 5 years ago. Are you the same person? Think of the groups and family you belong to. How did they transform since the first time you met them  ?   Do you want to become more intentional in your future transformations ?                                                                                    

Leadership is a  buzzword used in many contexts and defined in many learned ways. The meaning of Leadership changed and diversified through the ages.  In the past it mainly meant the ability to make people follow and do what you wanted them to do. Kings and Presidents, Generals and Popes would identify themselves as leaders over their communites, whether by nomination or by personal charisma. Leadership would involve rank, hierarchy and authority. As time passes, global consciousness transforms and society open up to the possibility of different styles and scopes of leadership.  What would you say defines Leadership these days ? What makes a single mom as well as a chairman of board true leaders ?  Communication technologies and modern culture enable everybody to to be a leader in a community of co-leaders                                                                                              

Whether you are a businessman, a manager, a professional, a group leader or a family person who wants a conscious transformation in your business , your team,  your family or yourself, let us have a free, no commitment conversation that will give you clarity about what is important, what is unnoticed, what needs to be acknowledged, what is unavoidable, what asks to be changed and what is to be proud of.  We will talk like two resourceful grown ups, not avoiding the difficult places as well as the gems .We have many tools for working with you and/or with your team, and in this kind of engagements, the user of the tool is as significant as the tool itself. It is not only the years of experience or  certificates on the wall ( and they do exist...) but the undescribable space created by full auhenticity, connection and courage.  


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