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About Leadership

Significant transformation happens during last decades in the way that people work and are together :
- The world becomes "flatter":  Information, thus power, are globally available to anybody
  who has access to Internet. And that is everybody in the modern world. 

- More and more work is done globally, across countries and culture boundaries, often       without having authority over people that your work  is dependent on.

- Mobility and self-expression are very common values for productive people that move the world forward.  Expecting automatic loyalty is out of question in the modern world.

- Organizations and Systems become more complex and interdependent , so that a single person cannot hold all interdependences and detail alone. Leaders co-lead

- Result : Your organizational rank or family authority are getting less and less significant for your leadership.  You need both skills and state of mind that will help you cope with the complexity and fast pace of a transforming world


What is leadership

In the old world leaders were people who could command others by having the power, by family ineritance (kings), by financial power or by law. Disobeying leaders would cause loss , pain , even life. There are parts of the world and certain communities where this culture is still valid: Leaders decided and dictated. Others obey. As the world transforms, new type of leadership arises. They have impact through inpiring people to follow. Not by threat but rather by vision, by charisma, by personal role modeling. These existed even in biblical times, though rare, and the wave swells as human kind matures : Jean D'Arc , Ghandi, Mandela,   and many many others in politics , art, academy, business and daily life are leaders by power of their personality.  In today's transforming world everybody has the potential to be a leader. The scope of your leadership could be yourself, your family, your team, your company, your country, or the world. As long as you move from being a victim to your circumstances to taking responsibility for your circumstances and inspire the people around you to align with you, you are a leader  

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