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About Transformation

How to ?


By working with me and the people that work with me, you will learn to become clear and aware of the possibilities that you and your organization/family/environment are. You will also learn to make the distinction between facts and limiting beliefs, and then be at choice of the gateways you are going to go through into your future. I will boldly challenge and hold you accountable to choose a future that expresses your best possibilities. By "you" , I mean as individual, organization, team.. .Any being that you identify with and has identity.  Call me to find out ! 

Systems and individuals resist intentional transformation. Transformation happens in nature as a result of evolutional pressure : Either biological evolution or a crisis that evokes transformation to survive . Otherwise, biological and human cultures are designed for homeostasis : adapt to environmental changes in order to keep the system identity.

Why bother ?


You, your life, your organization exist as a possibility of futures. You may relate to to your reality as a set of circumstances that need reacting in order to survive.  AND you may see yourself and yours as a gateway to evolving dreams. Most people react to survival instinct and fear of consequences, and there are leaders - political,  organizational, scientific, and ordinary people, who create their reality from both circumstances and dreams. Who do you want to be ?

What is it ?


Transformation: When a caterpillar turns to a butterfly; When a seed turns into a tree; When carbon becomes diamond ; When ideas becomes organizations; When a possibility becomes reality.  In physical nature , transformations happen all the time either by genetics or by reacting to circumstances. Humans have the wonderful advantage of transforming at will : changing their own being essence : Turn their inner seeds to lush trees; Their inner carbon to diamonds .

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